Heartfelt Creations 3D Flip Fold Album

Heartfelt Creations 3D Flip Fold Album

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Creating a stunning, interactive flipfold album can now be accomplished quickly and with ease! Beginning with an already constructed album takes the work and worry out of the building process and allows you to delve straight into the fun portion of the decorating process.

This album has been created using a premium heavy weight chipboard, with the spine being covered with a coordinating fabric. The uniquely crafted, wider-set spaces between the five pages are what will set this album apart, allowing you to add a multitude of hidden pockets, surprise foldouts, fanciful tags, 3D embellishments along with countless photos all while creating the album in your own personal style.

Album Details:

Cover - 7 x 9

Pages (5) 8.5 x 6.5 

Color Black