Art Glitter Precision  Metal Tip

Art Glitter Precision Metal Tip

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Our Ultrafine Metal Tip was made popular by Barbara Trombley for the Art Glittering System. Originally created to screw onto the adhesive bottle for writing pencil fine calligraphy with adhesive, it did not take long to find out the tip also worked well for detailed artwork.

To attach metal tip to spout, remove seal under lid in glue bottle and tightly twist black spout back on. Pop off spout cover, attach Ultrafine Metal Tip by firmly turning it to the right with a downward motion. If glue squeezes out the bottom of spout or tip, tighten with one more twist.

The tip makes it possible to put our adhesive down in fine, controlled lines or dots. Fill in small areas in a stamp design or other artwork for precision detailing.

Wipe tip often with cotton cloth for fine line control. Use stainless steel pin in tip for temporary storage and cleaning. Self clean tip in original tube by soaking in water. Blow out adhesive water twice before reattaching.